MAY 29, 2012

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The Growth of Website Traffic on Tablets
Adobe published a report earlier this month covering the growth of traffic to brand websites on tablets. Adobe analyzed 23 billion visits to 325 brand sites in North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific. The firm projects that tablets' share of web traffic will exceed smartphone traffic in early 2013 and reach 10% of all website traffic in 2014. The growth rate for web traffic during the early adoption period of tablets has significantly outpaced the rate for smartphones during its early adoption period, and web traffic on the average tablet now represents the traffic of four smartphones. Adobe attributes the rapid growth to the tablet experience which is similar to that of the PC. The firm found that web engagement levels on tablets were similar to PC in most countries measured, and tablet engagement was actually higher than PC engagement in Germany.
So what? As tablet adoption increases, so will its importance in the web landscape. All signs point to tablets cutting into PC usage, and eroding PC web traffic. Condé Nast should continue to maintain its aggressive tablet strategy. We also might look to further reassure current tablet advertisers that their money is being well spent by highlighting tablets' overall growth metrics.
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The Power of Gamification
Video Games have become a cornerstone of global culture over the last 30 years. Games bring out users' competitive nature as they compete for points. Once dismissed as a waste of time, scientists are finding that gaming has the power to improve learning, participation, and motivation of users. Corporations have taken notice and are using ‘gamification’ as a tactic to encourage employees to gain new skills and customers to interact with brands. A new study by Pew predicts the growth of gamification with 53% of ‘technology stakeholders’ agreeing that there will be significant advances in the adoption and use of gamification by 2020.
So what? Condé Nast has already begun to experiment with gamification via the Gourmet app. It may be valuable to test gamification on a larger audience to see how it impacts overall brand engagement.
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Pinterest to Purchase
The Harvard Business Review recently reported on a study conducted by Vision Critical on Pinterest users and their pinning habits. The firm found that one of five Pinterest users has pinned an item they later purchased online or in stores. Surprisingly, pinned items were more likely to be purchased in stores (16%) than online (12%). The heaviest users of Pinterest are most likely to make purchases of their pinned items -- purchasers visited Pinterest 27 times compares to 10 times for those who did not make purchases.
So what? While this study does not find that pinning an item causes one to purchase it, it does show the two steps are somewhat intertwined. Whether users are pinning items they already plan to buy, or their pins help inspire shopping decisions, Pinterest has proven that it has become part of path to purchase for many. Only time will tell, but Pinterest might prove to be a more important social media tool than Facebook and Twitter for many retailers.
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Industry Viewpoints
Top Global Brands
Apple, IBM and Google are the top 3 global brands according to the latest release of Millward Brown’s Brand Z Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report. The rankings are determined by a combination of consumer brand sentiment, loyalty, reputation and financial health. Some of the top findings in the study are: - 4 of top 5 are tech companies - 20 of top 100 are brands from fast growing economies - African telecom company MTN is the first African brand on the list - Facebook and Hermes showed the greatest improvement in ranking compared to one year ago - The brand value of the fast food and luxury categories grew the most while the insurance category had the greatest decline
So what? Although the scoring formula is a bit of a black box, this extensive report is a must-read for anyone with an interest in branding. It includes essays on brand power and brand innovation from several top researchers and practitioners. The brand rankings are broken down by category and geography. Most importantly is the report provides empirical data that proves powerful brands grow in value, drive sales and outperform the markets.
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Quick Takes
Millennials Have an Average of 121 More Facebook Friends than Gen Xers
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Android Continues to Gain Smartphone Market Share
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For the First Time in US History, Minorities Accounted for More Births than Whites
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VEVO and Warner Music Have the Most Viewed Channels on YouTube in April
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