APRIL 02, 2012

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Economic Optimism Gains among Executives Worldwide
A global McKinsey survey of executives representing a full range of regions, industries, and company sizes found that executives were more optimistic about the global economy in March than they were in December. The majority of these executives are more positive about economic conditions in both their home country and worldwide. This was the first time since June of last year that executives were more optimistic than pessimistic about their national economies. Three out of five North American executives feel their economy will be better in six months, compared to just 42% in December 2011 and 27% in June 2011 that felt that way.
So what? The restoration of global confidence has been slow at times, but continues to move in a positive direction. Increased optimism among executives will likely mean increased investment in their businesses, and the marketing and promotion that go along with that. Condé Nast might be a part of this process for a lot of these companies.
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31% of Web Ads Never Seen
comScore recently measured the visibility and demographic delivery of 18 digital display advertising campaigns. Visibility is defined as an ad impression with at least 50% of the ad’s pixels in the user’s viewable frame of a screen for one second or more. The campaigns measured ranged from 55% to 93% of impressions classified as viewable. The differences are much more dramatic on a site by site basis; only 7% of one site’s impressions were viewable while others were 100%. Surprisingly, comScore found no correlation between the percentage of visible impressions and CPM, meaning that higher prices don’t guarantee a greater opportunity to see.
So what? As visibility measurement is now becoming a demand for advertisers, Condé Nast has an opportunity to lead in this space by providing transparency on the visibility of digital ad campaigns across our network.
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Industry Viewpoints
Consumers Choose Socially Responsible Companies
Biz Stone, the founder of Twitter, recently stated, “The future of marketing is philanthropy.” While not all consumers care about cause-related marketing, a new report from Nielsen finds the majority of consumers across the globe prefer to buy from, work for and invest in companies that give back to society. The study highlights the socially conscious consumer, from their philanthropic interests (in the US and abroad) to their media preferences. Consumers are most likely to pay extra for products when companies show a commitment to environmental sustainability. However, Nielsen finds that American and European consumers are less likely to pay a green premium than their Asian, African and Latin American counterparts.
So what? While many marketers take efforts to give back to society, consumers are largely unaware of these efforts. Philanthropic efforts, like GQ’s Gentlemen’s Fund, which combines charity and sponsorship, might be an effective way for marketers to more effectively illustrate this message.
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Easter Sales Expected to Be Up
Following a trend that was reported on around the holiday season and Valentine’s Day, American consumer spending around Easter is expected to be up over last year, according to the National Retail Federation’s Easter spending survey. The NRF reports that Americans will spend an average of $145 on candy, apparel, food and decorations for the holiday – up 11% over last year. The total US Easter spend is expected to be in excess of $16.8 billion. Nearly nine out of 10 respondents plan to buy candy, with a total spend over $2 billion in the category.
So what? While the importance of Easter spending for retailers may not match that of the holiday season, this is a nice trend to note following improved retail performance around Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Consumers are showing a continued willingness to spend more than in recent years.
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Quick Takes
See That Barcode? It's Most Likely Associated with a Retail Product
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Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Facebook are Most Visited Sites in February
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The NCAA Tournament Online Viewer is Single, Male, and 18-34
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Zygna Makes 7 of the 10 Most Popular Games on Facebook
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