NOVEMBER 07, 2011

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Creativity is Key for Mobile Ads
Mobile advertising is more effective than online advertising when done right, according to a study by Millward Brown’s Dynamic Logic. Mobile ads can enhance brand awareness and favorability, as well as ad awareness and purchase intent with greater success than online ads. Millward Brown outlines the keys to a being a successful mobile advertiser, which include location of brand name in the ads, clear branding and a strong call-to-action.
So what? As Condé Nast builds up its mobile advertising capabilities, it should take Dynamic Logic’s finding to heart that mobile advertising is a very effective way to reach consumers. Furthermore, these results act as a checklist of steps to increase the odds that mobile creative effectively promotes the brand and drives purchase intent.
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Why Tablet Commerce May Soon Trump Mobile Commerce
In a recent study in partnership with Bizrate Insights, Forrester Research found that online shoppers are increasingly using tablets to shop over other devices. Forrester reports that more than half of tablet owners say they use their tablets more than their smartphones to shop. Among retailers they surveyed, Forrester has found that 21% of their mobile traffic already comes from tablets.
So what? As Condé Nast develops relationships with various retailers, we should anticipate continued growth of shopping on tablets. This might entail ensuring our brands/products are represented in the best light on these devices, as well as the utilization of tablets to help “sell” our branded products in a physical retail setting via product demonstration. For example, as a complement to Epicurious branded cookware in a store, there might be a tablet nearby with videos or apps loaded on it that demonstrates how the product is used.
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Search’s Influence In The Store
Everyone knows that online search is a powerful tool for connecting a marketer’s message with an interested consumer. A new study by GroupM and Kantar media underscores the importance of search, as well as provides some new information on exactly how search is used in the purchase decision-making process. Some highlights include—about 50% of all retail sales (within specific categories) are influenced by the web, most search is done on generic (non-branded) key words, searchers who click on a retailer’s store locator page are more likely to convert.
So what? Consumers searching for inspiration and information about products often end up on Conde Nast sites. Their experience with both content and advertising often help make a purchase decision. Analytic tools, such as Comscore’s Search Planner and Omniture, can help provide insight into who lands on CN sites and why. This information can show advertisers Conde Nast’s role in the purchase decision making process outlined in the GroupM/Kantar study.
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iPhone and Android Users Use Social Apps Differently
iPhone and Android users consume social media applications on their devices differently according to the data management startup company Onavo. Data from a sample of 100,000 mobile owners over a 30-day period indicated that, comparatively, iPhone users are more likely to use Facebook, while Android users are more likely to use Google+. Furthermore, Onavo reported that average iPhone Facebook users used 45.8 megabytes of data during the 30-day period – 10% of their total monthly data usage.
So what? Insights on how consumption differs among device users should allow Condé Nast to further tailor social media strategy. Facebook content should be optimized for an iPhone user, while Google+ content should be designed with the Android user in mind. Furthermore, as wireless providers continue to develop usage tiered data plans, these apps should be considered competitors with CN’s apps for precious megabyte usage.
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Quick Takes
Real Time Bidding (RTB) moves from search to display advertising
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Apple Tops List of Products Consumers ‘Can’t Live Without’
New Media Metric’s Top 25 Brands Consumers Are Most Attached To
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