There’s More to Digital Advertising than Clicks

Crowd Science’s “JustAsk! Advertising Attitudes & Behaviors Study,” reported that more than one-half of internet users worldwide clicked on some form of online advertising in the past six months. Additionally, click activity increased with age: 76% of internet users Ages 55+ clicked on an ad, compared to 58% of online consumers ages 15-24. But a lack of click activity does not equate to a lack of an ad’s influence. In fact, more than three-quarters of users ages 25 to 54 took alternative (non-click) actions after viewing an online advertisement. Reasons for not clicking on ads varied by age and gender, but the majority who declined to click did so as a result of lack of an ad’s trust or relevancy.
Being mindful of the content of the ad is important in post-campaign analysis and education. Crowd Science inferred that consumers most often clicked on ads that made them interested in the product/service or showed them certain products of interest, underscoring the need to maintain brand presence throughout the purchase funnel. Attention grabbing ads or those that disrupt an online experience can introduce a “turn off” factor to consumers. The industry had much to gain by better fostering consumer-advertiser trust.

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