Ipsos: The Future Of The Tablet Is Still Unclear

According to Ipsos, the buzz around tablet PCs hasn’t been this big since...2002. Unlike back then, when Microsoft led an early flurry of interest before it faded away, this time the chatter is based on far more solid ground. Apple is forecasting 40m iPads to be shipped in 2012 and there are more new tablets slated for release in the next few months than you can count on the fingers of both hands. Ipsos thought it was a good time to pause and ask: What does the rise of the tablet mean for the market – and what might it mean for the “traditional” PC/laptop?

Ipsos has been looking at the US tablet market since the early days of the iPad in Spring 2010, tracking its rise and how it is being used by the earliest adopters. They’ve also recently run an exclusive piece of research to look at the new players in the market and how they are currently thought of by consumers.

There are big differences between expectation, knowledge and reality in the market. This is both when it comes to brands, where there’s a lack of knowledge about anything other than the market leader, and in the sector as a whole. A lot of consumers don’t know much about the new tablets on the market and they don’t always know what they would do with a tablet if they got one.

This got Ipsos thinking: are we really going to take to the tablet?

Source: Ipsos OTX MediaCT, March 2011

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