JUNE 29, 2015

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Nielsen: Time Spent in Apps Continues to Grow

A new analysis from Nielsen revealed that the average number of apps used by American smartphone users has remained stable over the past few years, but the time spent in app has increased. On average, American smartphone owners accessed 27 apps per month in Q4 2014. The top 200 apps accounted for 70% of overall app usage. In the fourth quarter, Americans spent 37 hours and 28 minutes in apps compared to 23 hours and 2 minutes in Q4 2012, an increase of 63%. The entertainment app category is helping propel continued growth. During the past year, the entertainment app category audience grew 13%. This audience also spent nearly three more hours in entertainment apps in Q4 2014 than they did in the fourth quarter of 2013. While time spent with books/magazines/comics apps remained stable versus last year, the overall audience in that category grew by 28% during the same time.

So what?

While the total number of app users has remained stable, those users are spending more time in-app. This represents an opportunity for publishers to increase engagement with audiences via apps, however much attention should be given to an app's value proposition. This report demonstrates that the app market is top heavy with much of the attention devoted to just a fraction of the total number of apps available.   

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Digital Retailers Turn to Personalization and Mobile for Customer Engagement

Retailers’ investment in new digital capabilities like data-driven solutions and automated campaigns is paying off, according to a new report from published for the eTail conference. Traffic, conversion rates and average order value on digital channels are all up, but certain challenges still remain. Retailers report that they are struggling with cart abandonment, slow load times and maintaining content-rich sites. To continue to engage their customers despite these challenges, retailers are turning to personalization, especially through targeted emails with personalized messaging, recommendations and discounts. The other area retailers are focusing on is the mobile experience. Mobile represents both a brand-building opportunity and a transactional opportunity, as customers are increasingly doing both their research and purchases on mobile devices. Retail brands are investing in building a seamless, streamlined and secure shopping experience, which they would like to complement with cross-device targeting and geo-targeting.

So what?

Much like the digital reading experience, online shopping is also becoming more and more user-centric. To maximize engagement and conversions, retailers need to have a deep understanding of their consumers’ needs and give them what they are looking for when and where they want it.

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Quick Takes
Men's Razor Sales Rapidly Moving Online

Source: Slice Intelligence, The Wall Street Journal
Pandora Garners the Most Reach in Streaming Market

Based on a survey conducted by Edison Research earlier in 2015 (before the launch of Tidal).


Source: Edison Research, Statista
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