JUNE 15, 2015

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Mobile Video Viewing is Unstoppable Worldwide

Mobile video consumption is on the rise around the world, according to a global study conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). 35% of mobile video viewers worldwide say they now watch more video on their phones than they did a year ago, and especially so in the United States, where half of viewers agree with the statement. The video they watch is predominantly short (under 5 minutes), but 36% also watch videos longer than 5 minutes on a daily basis. Those longer-form viewers are especially likely to be males, under 35 years old and have an unlimited data package.

The most popular access point to mobile video is via apps, with YouTube and social networking sites (and their accompanying apps) playing the leading role in video discovery. 45% of the viewers share videos with friends at least monthly, thus supporting the discovery process. Music videos and comedic clips are the most frequently watched content types, followed by movie trailers, how-to tutorials, sports and news. Video viewing increases gradually over the day, and peaks between 8-11pm. Interestingly, in the U.S. and Canada viewing peaks a bit earlier, around 5pm, and stays high for the remainder of the day (until 11pm). Almost half of the viewers sometimes watch mobile video while their television is also on.

The report also explores viewers’ attitudes towards video advertising, and finds that the vast majority would rather watch free videos with ads rather than pay for ad-free video. They expect the ads to be tailored to them by being relevant to the video being watched or to their recent viewing history.

So what?

Mobile video viewing is on a growth trajectory, and similar trends are observed specifically for Condé Nast videos. As our brands are placing a greater focus on video, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that our mobile visitors are offered high quality, easily discoverable videos that satiate their growing appetite for watching both short and long-form videos on their phones.

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Mintel: Consumers Seek Others' Opinions in a Variety of Categories

Mintel has released their annual report on consumer lifestyle and spending patterns in the United States. The report outlines how consumers are browsing and buying across key categories, including: in-home dining, beauty and personal care, clothing and accessories, technology, travel, home, leisure and entertainment, transportation and personal finance. Here are some highlights:

• 15% of in-home food purchasers seek opinions from friends and/or family prior to purchasing.
• One in five beauty and personal care consumers seek opinions from friends and/or family prior to purchase.
• Fashion forward: 21% of women 18-24 say it’s important for them to wear the latest styles.
• 19% of male clothing buyers look to social media for clothing inspiration.
• Investing in denim: Men are more likely than women to say they willing to spend more than $75 on a pair jeans; 20% of men vs 11% of women. 
• Travelers want reviews: 87% of hotel users agree that good hotel reviews are ‘very or somewhat’ important to choosing a hotel.

So what?

This year’s theme is the connected consumer. Not only are Americans glued to their smartphone for entertainment and daily routines, but they are also plugging into larger social groups and review sites to inform their next purchase decision. Purchase decisions for products and services across a range categories are being affected by the increased access to information that consumers have. Brands need to consistently listen to how consumers talk about them both online and off, and market their products in a way that leverages consumers' perceived strengths and/or addresses weaknesses. 

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