MAY 11, 2015

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Pew Research Center: Mobile Drives Traffic on News Sites

In its yearly State of the News Media report, the Pew Research Center conducts a comprehensive audit of the news media by studying audience habits and monetization trends. One of Pew's most important findings was that 39 of the top 50 news sites now get more traffic from mobile devices than from desktop computers, according to comScore data. However, mobile visitors are not sticking around for long; only 10 of the 50 sites reported a higher average time spent on mobile versus desktop. The CNN Network and are a couple of the sites where mobile visits lasted longer than desktop visits, as mobile visitors spent an average 3+ minutes on each site during each visit. Corresponding with the expanding audiences on digital, and specifically mobile, is a shift in advertising revenue. $51 billion was spent on digital ads last year, a 17% increase over 2013. Digital now comprises 28% of all ad spending; up from 25% in 2013 and 22% in 2012. Of the $51 billion spent on digital last year, $19 billion was spent on mobile -- a 78% increase over the previous year and nearly quintuple the mobile ad spend of just two years earlier. In regards to revenue by ad type, banner ads still dominate, but video is growing most rapidly -- up 56% over 2013.

So what?

Although not completely there, the writing is on the wall: Americans' news consumption is trending to become digitally-dominant and mobile first. Mobile devices provide the immediacy and access essential to news consumers that other platforms cannot replicate. The ad market is responding by placing more of its collective budget into mobile. 

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Ipsos: 80% of Affluents to Plan Travel this Summer

The U.S. travel category of airfare and hotels, garners between $80 and $90 billion in consumer spending annually. A recent report from Ipsos shows that affluents (HHI $100k+) account for 53% of the overall spending on travel as well as travel-related categories, despite representing just 28% of the adult population. This spending power coupled with the fact that 80% of affluents are planning a vacation this summer makes this an opportune time for marketers. Ipsos has a few recommendations for marketing to these travel-ready affluents. These recommendations include appealing to both the realistic and aspirational sides of affluent travel. The vast majority of affluents exhibit mainstream behavior such as flying coach or staying at mainstream hotels in the past 12 months. However, most affluents have a bucket list which includes exotic locations. As we have seen in other segments of the population, affluents have grown to appreciate experiences as much as (and in many cases more than) goods. Marketers should appreciate that affluents are interested in amassing experiences as well as luxury items. Additionally both the communication and delivery of value is important to affluents. They appreciate things like complimentary Wi-Fi and exceptional customer service as much as the non-affluent population.

So what?

Travel inspires higher end purchasing -- the majority of affluents agree that comfort and service are worth paying extra for when traveling. Travel content tends to have strong appeal across platforms -- over half of affluents have visited a travel website in the past month and 54% read travel magazines. Print travels well -- 43% of affluents enjoy reading magazines while traveling on vacation. Finally, Ipsos points out that traveling often corresponds with sampling. Vacation tends to foster openness to new media experiences as well as new products and new brands.

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Quick Takes
Premium Fragrance Sales Grow as Mass Fragrance Suffers

Source: Euromonitor International, The Washington Post
Coke and Pepsi Lose Market Share; Bottled Water Brands Gain Share

Source: Beverage Digest, The Wall Street Journal
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