MARCH 07, 2011

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Affluence In America Is A Journey, Not A Destination
Ipsos has identified a key demographic segment based on the 2010 Mendelsohn Affluent study that they call “Emerging Alphas.” This segment consists of primarily young and ethnically diverse professionals who have not yet reached their peak of success but are on a trajectory to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs and C-level executives. They are an advertiser’s dream: ages 25-39, HHI $150K+, socially active, opinion leaders, style setters, early adopters, technophiles, and savvy about pop culture.
So what? The Mendelsohn Affluent 2010 Study shows that Condé Nast brands are extremely popular among this promising and influential segment.
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Mobile – A Powerful and Versatile Platform For Luxury Marketers
As noted in last week’s CNtelligence issue (“Mobile-Optimized Sites Are Key For Luxury Brands”), luxury marketers need to increase the volume and sophistication of their mobile presence on a basic level. This week, Luxury Daily takes this concept a step further by highlighting precise tools and strategies that can significantly impact the luxury marketer’s bottom line by enriching the customer experience, driving traffic, and increasing sales (for example: SMS, MMS, banner ads, rich media, mobile bar codes, mobile coupons, mobile email, applications and sites).
So what? Condé Nast can directly impact its advertising partners’ businesses by helping them create versatile and effective mobile marketing tools that increase brand loyalty and drive sales.
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Heads Up To CRM Managers: It Takes Two To Tango
According to the Marketing Science Institute (MSI), although firms in many industries invest heavily in customer relationship management (CRM) to create close bonds with their customers, not all consumers welcome these close relationships. For example, do you really want or need to feel close to your cable TV operator? The study suggests that companies would be better off respecting a consumer’s desired attachment to their brands rather than trying to force a close bond if not appropriate.
So what? Although we like to think that all of our customers have a strong emotional connection to our brands, this study reminds us that we need to listen actively to our customers in order to get the relationships right.
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What Does “Family” Mean To You?
According to a recent Pew study complemented by US Census data, the trends of the last 50 years have led to a significant change in how Americans define the term family. Although there are differences depending on income, race, and education, in general, incidence of marriage has declined and new family forms have arisen. Nearly 4 in 10 respondents to the Pew study believe that marriage is becoming obsolete, yet 76% believe that family is the most important element of their lives. Nearly 9 in 10 believe that a single parent and child constitutes a family, while 63% say a gay or lesbian couple raising a child is a family.
So what? Whether defined by marriage or presence of children, family is clearly a priority to Americans across all incomes and races. As diversity increases, we need to be sensitive to how we present "normal" families in our magazines and communications.
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Condé Nast Exclusive
MRI: Condé Nast Readers Are More Socially Connected
For the first time, MRI has measured social networking activity among readers of magazines. Newly released data from the MRI Fall 2010 study clearly demonstrate that Condé Nast readers are more active on social networks than any other competing publishing/media house measured. Dan Jennings, Senior Research and Insights Manager, uncovered the fact that CN readers dominate across the spectrum of social networking activities: more visits to social networking sites, more likely to update profiles/statuses, post pictures/videos/links, instant message, comment on posts of others, play games, and most importantly, more likely to comment on products and services.
So what? Aside from providing well-deserved bragging rights to advertisers, we should use these data as a driver to significantly increase our leverage of social networks as integral parts of our marketing and business development strategies.
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Study: Abandoned Shopping Carts Can Be Gold Mines For Luxury Marketers
According to a recent study by the Email Institute, sending personalized abandoned shopping cart emails packed with product images to luxury shoppers is a great way for marketers to differentiate themselves from their competitors while also raising sales by enticing customers back to ecommerce Web sites.
So what? Although luxury consumers are not impervious to coupons and discounts, luxury marketers that capitalize on communicating personalization, recognition, and value will benefit greatly.
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Quick Takes
Cool Data Point Of The Week: Comparison Of Video Monetization Models
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