FEBRUARY 09, 2015

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Social Media
Facebook Algorithm Changes Seem to Favor Video and Link Posts

It has been much publicized that Facebook has been changing its algorithms to increase the paid reach of posts at the expense of organic reach. The Adobe Digital Index for Q4 reveals that had a significant impact on the posts that we all see in our feeds. Over the past year, organic impressions from Facebook posts decreased by 32%. The impact of algorithm changes seems to also reveal Facebook’s preferred post types. Facebook's changes have had a significantly smaller effect on video posts (impressions flat versus last year) and link posts (down just -12% versus last year) than they have had on photo and text posts (status updates), which have had impressions drop by -29% and -60% respectively during the past year. The changes in reach affected users’ sharing behaviors. Link shares were up 68%, video shares up 52% and photo shares up 15%, while text shares were down. The report also found that on Fridays, brands posted the most and had the most impressions, likes and shares. Comments were highest on Wednesdays and Tuesdays.

So what?

Last month, Facebook accounted for 18% of traffic across the Condé Nast network. The constant changes in Facebook’s algorithms mean that Condé Nast’s brands need to continually tweak their social posting strategy to make sure that they capture the most value out of this important traffic source.

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Millennials Most Likely to Purchase Big Ticket Items This Year

Entering into a dynamic life stage, Millennials (adults aged 18-34) are more likely to experience major life events in 2015 than other generations, according to a new study from American Express. Over half (56%) of Millennials are likely to experience a life landmark this year, compared to 33% of Gen Xers and 20% of Baby Boomers. Life landmarks might include: starting a new job, moving, getting married, starting or graduating college or becoming a parent for the first time. Along with experiencing life events, Millennials are expected to purchase big ticket items this year. Three in five Millennials plan to purchase a big ticket item in 2015, compared to 43% of Gen Xers and 34% of Boomers. Cars are the top big ticket item among Millennials, 33% plan to purchase one, followed by a primary residence (25%), and a major household appliance (22%).

So what?

Millennials are getting into the prime of their life as they reach milestones such as starting new jobs, getting married, starting a family and buying homes. We are now entering a period during which many advertisers will start reaping the long-talked about rewards of forming connections with Millennials.

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2015 Affluent Outlook

With a trained eye on 2015, The Ipsos Affluent Survey Barometer – 2015 Affluent Outlook reports that this year has the potential to be the perfect storm of optimism with affluents (HHI $100K+) bullish about everything ranging from the U.S. economy to personal travel, investments and luxury purchasing. Within this overview, Ipsos also revisits the 2014 trends that continue to gain traction among affluents. These themes include a new transaction ecosystem with mobile payments, anticipatory deliveries and a general trust in the cloud all lending to the evolution of the purchase process. With 2014 and continuing in 2015, affluents are adapting to the Internet of things - wearable technology, robotics, connected homes and cognitive cars.

So what?

This report from Ipsos proves that the improved American optimism reported elsewhere is also present among affluents. Affluent Americans are leading the charge and they have the mindset and the means to get what they want. Categories certain to be impacted include travel, personal investment, luxury goods and both personal and home electronics.

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Quick Takes
Guess, Tiffany, Cole Haan and Baume & Mercier Among the Most Active Native Advertisers in Apparel & Accessories Category

Source: MediaRadar
So what?

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Beauty, Fitness, Food, Drink and Shopping All Over-Index for Sharing on Pinterest

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The Majority of Americans That Heard of the Charlie Hebdo Attack Say Publishing the Cartoons Was Okay

Source: Pew Research Center
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