FEBRUARY 07, 2011

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Do Satisfied Customers Always Buy More?
According to a recent Marketing Science Institute study, there are no limits to the amounts satisfied affluent customers are willing to spend in some categories, while customer satisfaction has little financial pay off in others.
So what? The pay off from customer satisfaction differs across economic sectors. For luxury goods and high-end fashion, the financial pay off is off the charts.
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65% Of Internet Users Have Paid For Online Content
Who says consumers won't pay for online content? A recent Pew study says they will. Two thirds of Internet users have paid for some form of online content, equal to those who have paid for products, services, and travel.
So what? People’s wllingness to purchase online content has far reaching positive implications for CN’s businesses, BUT a further drill down into the data shows that certain categories of content are capturing more attention than others.
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Email Goes Mobile: How To Boost Open Rates On Mobile Devices
A recent Knotice study found that 13% of all emails are now opened using a mobile device, while 87% are opened using a desktop. Interestingly, owners of Apple devices are far more active than those of other devices. The report also details huge differences in open rates across different sectors.
So what? In order to be effective in email marketing, you must understand the context in which people open their mail.
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Trust And Quality Drive Consumer Loyalty to Websites
A recent study by Nielsen commissioned by AOL found that consumers spend 84% of their time on a relatively limited number of ”core” sites, about 20 in total. However, the core isn't fixed; there can be significant turnover. How do you get to become a core site? Quality content that is contextual and drives trust leads consumers to pick certain sites as part of their core mix.
So what? Quality content, context, and trust are the essence of Condé Nast websites. This study suggests that CN sites have a golden opportunity to become core by deepening their engagement with a larger audience.
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Women Trust Niche Online Communities More Than Facebook
According to a recent study by iVillage and Burke Research, women trust niche online communities more than general purpose social networking sites, and feel that these niche communities better understand their needs; especially concerning products and brands.
So what? The Condé Nast Style Society, CN’s newly created women’s online social community, plays perfectly to this trend and is therefore poised for success.
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“Luxury Newcomers” Step Up To Save Retail
Luxury fashion is recovering at a faster rate than the rest of the economy, and a new consumer segment is playing a major role. American Express, in a recent study, identified and coined a group called “Luxury Newcomers”, a group who spends 3 times more than the average shopper in apparel and department stores, and over twice as much in entertainment and furniture. Newcomers are less affluent than traditional luxury consumers, but are more tech savvy, more active on the mobile web, and willing to splurge when they see something they want.
So what? According to MRI, Condé Nast is more likely to deliver this crucial consumer segment than all its key competitors (CN ranks #1 on Index for women ages 30-44 who are very active online and frequently use the mobile web vs. Meredith, Time Inc, Hearst, and Hachette).
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Latest Amex Study: Americans Will Spend More In 2011, Mostly On Grooming and Apparel
Americans are ringing in the New Year with new intentions, according to the latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker. More than half of adults are planning to spend more (14 percent) or the same (40 percent) in 2011 than they did last year, with the majority of that spending focused on themselves, mainly on their appearance.
So what? Good news: consumers are planning to spend the most on Condé Nast’s core categories.
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Condé Nast Exclusive
MAC Or PC… Who Are Our Customers?
Dan Shar, VP Revenue Operations, shares some interesting and surprising data on what operating systems Condé Nast web site visitors are using. Although the majority of CN employees use MACs, it turns out that the opposite is true for CN's web site visitors: 76% use Windows and 20% use MAC.
So what? Although Apple seems to be winning the PR and marketing battle, it’s vital to acknowledge the important role Microsoft Windows plays in our web businesses.
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