NOVEMBER 04, 2013

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Research Suggests Advertisers Should Not Be Concerned About Ad Wearout in Magazines
In a paper presented at the 2013 Print and Digital Research Forum, researchers from GfK Starch and the Meredith Corporation shared research that suggests magazine ads have the ability to maintain a long shelf-life. In an analysis of an ad for Ken's Salad Dressing that ran in Better Homes and Gardens during a six month period, ad recall scores for the advertisement were higher among readers that had been exposed to 4-6 issues of the magazine (49%) than those that had been exposed to 1-3 issues (45%). Furthermore, those that were exposed to other Meredith titles in which the Ken's ad also ran had even higher ad recall scores (57%) than those exclusively reading Better Homes and Gardens. Overall familiarity with the Ken's Salad Dressing brand was also found to be higher among readers that had been exposed to multiple issues across multiple titles.
So what? While this is just one example, it serves as a nice case study of an advertiser being able to build greater awareness and familiarity because they committed to run an ad multiple times and across multiple titles. While some advertisers may worry aloud about the continued efficacy of their ads after a couple of issues, this goes to show that creative executions are more likely to produce their intended outcomes when they are repeated.
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Deloitte: Holiday Spending Expected to Rise
Research from Deloitte indicates that retailers should be happy with their holiday haul this year. According to the firm’s Annual Holiday Survey, Americans' confidence about the economy is on the rise and that should lead to more spending this year. In fact, consumers in this year’s survey said they planned to spend 12% more on the holidays (gifts, socializing & entertainment, and holiday furnishings) than the consumers that completed last year’s survey. As has been observed by others, Deloitte’s research finds that holiday sales will continue to move online. For the first time in this annual study, the internet overtook brick and mortar stores to rank as the top destination for holiday shoppers – 47% plan to shop online while 44% plan to visit discount/value department stores and 28% will visit traditional department stores. As has been the case in past years, shoppers most often plan to purchase gift cards, clothing and electronics as gifts.
So what? This paints a positive picture for the holiday season. While Deloitte's findings run counter to the recent consumer confidence numbers from The Conference Board, that might have more to do with that data being collected in the midst of the government shutdown as opposed to Deloitte's survey which was in field prior to the shutdown. If Deloitte's more optimistic findings prevail in the post-shutdown period, Americans should follow through by spending more this year.
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Consumers Use Their Smartphone on Path to Purchase, but More Likely to Complete the Journey on a Tablet or PC
A new report by Yahoo! outlines how users of smartphones, tablets, and personal computers are using their devices throughout the path to purchase. Smartphone users are actually slightly more likely to use their device to visit reviews sites and communicate with others about a product than tablet and PC users. However, when the time comes to make a purchase, consumers are significantly more likely to complete it on a tablet or PC. A handful of categories, including entertainment, travel, and dining, buck the trend and over-index on smartphone purchasing.
So what? While this analysis only covers self-reported behavior, it is interesting nonetheless that consumers feel they are consulting their smartphones just as much as their PCs on the path to purchase. Since shoppers are still somewhat hesitant to complete purchases on smartphones, this might mean the mobile ad community will have to resign itself to a place earlier in the purchase funnel for a little while longer.
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Multi-Screen Behavior Drive Stronger Intent to View Content
A study by AOL and market research company InsightNow explored the contribution of computers, phones and tablets to the overall multi-screen experience. The study found that 51% of multi-device owners use more than one screen to access their favorite content, and that multi-device users who viewed content on multiple screens were more likely to express intent to visit it regularly. Computers contributed the most toward positive visit intent, closely followed by tablets. Overall, each device plays a different role in users’ lives – computers support productivity, phones allow connectivity, and tablets create convenience. The value of a device varies by age, with adults ages 35 and up placing a high value on tablets and 18-34 year olds placing a high value on phones. Content type also impacts device value –tablets are highly valued for tech and entertainment content and computers are preferred for news, sports and banking, while cooking and food content is equally valued across screens.
So what? According to comScore, 15% of Condé Nast’s visitors come to our digital properties from both a computer and a mobile device. As mobile adoption continues to grow, this overlap is likely to grow. This study suggests that increased overlap between devices could also lead to greater repeat visitation and engagement with the brands.
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Quick Takes
American Affluents Point to Louis Vuitton as Most Overrated Luxury Brand
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Ellen's Best; No Brand Has More Instagram Followers than The Ellen Show
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Samsung and Apple Both Enjoyed a Good Q3 as Shipments of their Smartphones Were Up 41% and 26% Over Last Year Respectively
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Nearly One-Third of U.S. Adults Report Consuming News on Facebook
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