JANUARY 07, 2013

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17 Million iOS and Android Devices Were Activated on Christmas Day
According to Flurry Analytics, more smartphone and tablet devices were activated on Christmas Day 2012 than any other day in history. The firm reports that 17.4 million devices were activated worldwide on December 25; more than quadruple the average daily activations in the days leading up to Christmas. Nearly an identical number of tablets and smartphones were activated on Christmas Day, as opposed to the regular activation rate of four smartphones being activated for every one tablet.
So what? The past couple of weeks have seen a plentitude of new device owners enter the marketplace for apps, especially on tablets. Now is a great time to promote both digital subscriptions and the wide range of other apps Condé Nast has developed to make early and lasting connections with consumers that are seeking ways to engage on their new devices.
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E-Book Readership Jumped in 2012
Nearly one-quarter of all Americans 16 and older read an e-book in 2012 (23%); that was a significant increase over the 16% of Americans that read an e-book in 2011, according to the Pew Research Center. That growth of e-book readership coincided with growth in ownership of e-readers and tablets. Pew reports that one-third of Americans now own an e-reader or tablet, nearly double the penetration of last year at the same time. E-book readers are more likely than the general population to be educated, affluent and fall between the ages of 30-49. Pew finds that Americans' book-reading is holding steady; however they are changing their habits to more often read on e-readers rather than in print.
So what? Although this study from Pew did not examine magazine readership on e-readers and tablets, one could assume that an increased comfort with reading books on devices also suggests a similar comfort level with magazines.
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Global Optimism for 2013 is High According to Ipsos
In its yearly 23-country poll, Ipsos found people worldwide are more optimistic for 2013 than they were for 2012. 80% of respondents feel that 2013 will be better than 2012; higher than the 72% that expressed a similar attitude at the end of 2011. Nearly half of survey respondents (49%) think the world's economy will be stronger in 2013, up from 41% that expressed that view in 2012. The countries most optimistic about 2013 are Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and India. 79% of respondents in the United States felt optimistic that 2013 will be better than 2012, nearly matching the global average.
So what? This research from Ipsos echoes a report McKinsey published last month that demonstrated improved consumer sentiment domestically. A more confident and optimistic population is welcome news for retailers as they try to grow business in the year ahead.
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Video Ads are More Effective in Short-Form Content
A survey conducted by AOL among weekly watchers of online videos reveals that ads in short-form videos (less than 10 minutes) are more effective than ads in long-form content (longer than 10 minutes). Recall for ads in short-form video was 25% higher and brand affinity was 33% higher. Purchase intent for the featured product or service was 42% higher for short-form video ads. 41% of viewers perceived ads in long-form videos as distracting, compared to 31% for ads in short-form video. When asked what would improve their opinion of an ad, viewers said that they prefer better targeted and more humorous ads. They would also like to benefit from watching the ad by receiving coupons, contests, and links to relevant content.
So what? The research points to the greater impact of ads in short-form videos like the ones produced by Condé Nast brands. In a business that has been historically dominated by commercials in long-form television programs, this first look at ad impact in short-form content helps support the ad sales proposition for this type of videos.
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Quick Takes
US Mobile Ad Spending to Top $7 Billion 2013, Reach $20 Billion in 2016
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NBC's Sunday Night Football Had the Largest Average Primetime Audience in 2012
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Apple, Tiffany and lululemon Make the Most in Retail Sales Per Square Foot
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VEVO, Maker Studios and Machinima Have the Largest Channel Audiences on YouTube
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